How do you know you are seeing a certified, professional homeopath? The Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) established uniform standards of training and professional competence in North America for healthcare practitioners who use homeopathy to ensure access to safe, effective homeopathic care for the public. Those achieving CCH status are highly trained and certified practitioners of classical homeopathy.

The Alberta Homeopathic Association members adhere to the highest standards of competency and practice. Our Professional members often hold dual designations, including MD, maintain the CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) designation and have a (3-4 year) diploma in Homeopathy. Associate members are professional homeopaths who have a (3-4 year) diploma in Homeopathy and are generally working towards their CCH designation.

Every member listed on the Alberta Homeopathic Association website shows their current designation(s) – so you can rest assured you are in the hands of professionals.

Further to the CCH designation, you are more likely to know the practitioner is a good classical homeopath if he or she:

  • specializes in homeopathy as the primary therapy;
  • prescribes constitutional medicines, not just remedies for acute or recurrent symptoms
  • asks you to describe each symptom that you have in exquisite detail;
  • conducts a first interview at least one hour in length;
  • devotes a significant part of the interview process to a detailed series of questions about your psychological state;
  • uses a computer to help find the correct medicine;
  • uses a book called a repertory in your presence (this may not be necessary if he or she has a computer) *1