Do you have a student in your home? Or one away at college/university?

Do they have a hard time studying? Or difficulty remembering what they have studied? Or maybe they study well and then forget it all when it comes time to write the exam.

Homeopathy can help!

Below are some suggestions; you can try a remedy that best matches in a 30C potency.

AETHUSA is known for it’s “funk”, meaning ‘the inability to fix the attention or to think’; it is like one cannot retain any ideas or anything they have read. In fact, they will feel it is useless to continue to study – nothing is going in and so they quit studying and hope for the best.

From one of homeopathic masters, John Henry Clarke: “Aethusa is the remedy for mental overstrain, as when cramming for an examination, with its “impossibility of concentration”.

ANACARDIUM: For students who don’t know what subject to choose, nor what answers to give (the worst of all: multiple choice tests). Anacardium goes blank in the exam.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM: This patient thinks: ”I have studied well, I have to bring my best performance!” Things have to be in place for his performance; do I have the right pen, will I be on time…

There is also an acute anxiety and worry or fear of failing; lots of fears and worries. They play the “what if” game….

COCCULUS When it comes to this remedy, the student will say: I have studied so much, worked so hard, yet nothing goes into my brain. I can’t understand, I can’t grasp things! But I want to succeed and so I keep studying for 10 hours a day; but for the amount of effort I put in, the results I get are very low.

GELSEMIUM: So nervous they may be trembling and may have diarrhea beforehand. They are anxious about the exam. don’t even want to face it (would prefer to hide or avoid the situation).

IGNATIA: This remedy is indicated if when trying to study and prepare , it just feels like it’s taking up too much space in your brain. This student will get be very sensitive to pain, smell, emotions and stress and will feel better by distractions like computer games or tv.

** For help with deciding on the correct remedy for you or your child – an acute appointment with a homeopath can help! Skype appointments available!

**Please consult a professional homeopath if symptoms persist.