Lindsey Pascoe

About me

I started my career working as an Occupational Therapist. I loved how this profession acknowledged that the health of a person was more than just their physical condition. But I wasn’t satisfied. Why were people getting these patterns of illness in the first place? I wanted to do more than just manage symptoms.

As I started thinking about having my own family and learning about natural health, I completed a Holistic Nutrition diploma and started seeing health from a broader perspective. But still, why with all of these pricey supplements and good, clean food were these tendencies to fall out of balance in each person’s unique way still popping up? I wanted to see these repetitive health patterns shift.

Then I learned about Homeopathy. My midwives used it for my first birth and I used it for nursing when I had mastitis. I was amazed at the fast, effective results. But it wasn’t until both my son and I went for a full initial consultation, that I really grasped the depth of homeopathy.

Considering past generations of my family’s health, listening to what our intelligent bodies are saying, without treating in isolation or suppressing. Working with how we are designed to heal and how nature works to shift deep patterns. And all with the goal of greater resilience in health and freedom in ourselves. My mind was blown open and I couldn’t get enough learning about homeopathy. This is what I had been looking for and knew was possible.


I love to golf, ski, ride horses and spend time with my family. I have 2 horses, a dog, a cat, a flock of chickens, a son, a daughter and a hubby, all of whom have been excellent guinea pigs in my homeopathic learning.

My Speciality

I love working with people that want to look at their health as a whole person. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual; a whole being connected with nature, in whichever unique way that may present. I love working with emotional health, women’s health and their families. I also use homeopathic detox therapy to help clear layers of interventions that our bodies don’t recognize as natural.


Lindsey helped me find a homeopathic remedy that really felt like it was a bridge to who I really am. That’s what homeopathy feels like to me, a bridge to who you really are.

I felt understood and listened to. I have learned a lot. Lindsey is very grounded and calm when I needed grounding.

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