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About me

I am a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH), and completed my 4 year Homeopathic Diploma at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine and reside in Canada. As a Registered Nurse, I witnessed a need for preventative health early in my career. I hold a current registration with The College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta and recognition from the Council of Homeopathic Certification of North America. I have continued my Homeopathic post graduate studies Internationally and continue to steep myself in ongoing education to keep up with the relevant challenging issues natural health choices today.

My passion is healthy families!

I began using homeopathy about fifteen years ago with the birth of our first child. Today we primarily, use homeopathy as a main form of medicine in our home. I enjoy sharing knowledge and encouraging others. Preparing families to cope with reemerging childhood illnesses, educating families on how to support a healthy lifestyle in the home, and supporting the childbearing family through conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum are just a few of my favorite topics. It brings me much happiness to see the unique support homeopathy can give to individuals of a family.

City girl meets the farm! That’s me! I married into a family who homesteaded from Europe 100 years ago on the Canadian prairies, a place where the wheat fields go on forever, just like the winter! Growing almost all of our own organic food and accepting nature as my primary form of entertainment, I accepted beauty where I was. I love a good book, waiting for the apple trees to bloom, and the smell of horses. My journey has taught me I can butcher a chicken, birth a calf, keep contractions intense enough to bring new life and comfort children with homeopathy.

My Speciality

Although I see all kinds of illnesses in my practice, my primary knowledge base is in perinatal care, from fertility and conception through to prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care. I have a background in cardiovascular and surgical nursing.

I currently have a study running on the utility of homeopathy in Dental Decay & Pain.

Traditionally I am trained in Classical Homeopathy and I have integrated combination therapy and detoxification therapy to help people address obstacles and blockages in their recovery.


Prior to meeting Katie and exploring alternatives besides main line pharmaceuticals, I suffer from migraines 15-20 days out of a month. These migraines caused blurred vision, extreme pain, nausea and sometimes I would get physically sick. My migraines would get to the point where I could not function at work or in every day life. I would have to get to somewhere dark, quiet and sleep.

Days before my menstrual cycle would start, I would get physically sick, and headaches got worse to the point where I could not function, I always had diarrhea when I have my migraines as well.

I have suffered from migraines and brutal menstrual cycles for at least 25 years and as I age the migraines and cycles symptoms have increased in intensity and gotten worse.

I am currently in my 4th week of the HDT remedies & protocol with Katie and I have gone through 2 menstrual cycles and have not even noticing that my cycle is about to start. I have not gotten sick days before or during my menstrual cycle and have not had any of the previous signs or symptoms. When it comes to migraines and headaches, I have gone from 15-20 days a month to headaches only (knock on wood) for 3 days a month and they are manageable, the have also reduced in intensity.


Katie made the impossible…..possible. She has a heart of gold & a gentle demeanor that warms your heart. She has a passion for healing & gathers from sources around the world to find answers.

She was very determined to help us & we found healing, thanks to her beautiful work, intuition, research & passion. She taught me how to care for my family with Homeopathy & we are forever grateful.


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