Barb Wallace

About me

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with the Rocky Mountains to the west and the beautiful prairies to the east.

I began learning and using homeopathy through my brother, a naturopathic doctor, when my first child was born and homeopathy quickly became my family’s primary form of medicine. Throughout the years, I realized how effectively issues were resolved and how the health and well-being of a person could profoundly change with homeopathic medicine.

The results I witnessed with homeopathy intrigued me to the point where I decided to go back to school and earn my diploma in Classical Homeopathy. I completed the 4-year program at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine in Calgary. I then went on to study in India at the Prana Homeopathy Centre and am currently am in my second year of post-graduate studies with Dynamis School in Ireland. I have been to London and certified in Homeopathic Detox Therapy and am also trained in Homeoprophylaxis. Learning is so much fun when you love what you do!

My clients access me around the world; I am available in-person and via technology.

How can I help you? It is my job to understand how your disease or symptoms are affecting you. I will listen as you describe how you experience these – physically, mentally and emotionally – since a disease or symptom affects all parts of us. I will find a remedy that best suits you and this remedy will stimulate your body to begin healing and balancing.

I have a passion for the sun, ocean and hot weather (I know – Canada does not fit the criteria!) – so coincidentally I also love to travel! I enjoy golfing and biking in the summer and playing pond hockey in the winter with the men in my life (husband and 2 sons).

I want you to live your best life and I know this can be difficult when you’re not feeling well, homeopathy can help!

My Speciality

While I treat a multitude of concerns, I have a special interest in arthritis and anxiety.

I employ homeopathic detox therapy when called for as this method can often remove obstacles to allow for deeper healing.


I suffer from Fibromyalgia and environmental allergies. I started working with Barb 2 and a half years ago and have had amazing results. I no longer suffer from the brain fog and exhaustion that was a part of every day for me. My energy is better than I thought possible 3 years ago. I no longer need naps on the weekends just to get through my weekend routine of shopping and cleaning.
My allergies have also improved dramatically. I used to worry about walking by the perfume counter in a store because it would cause an instant migraine. Now the headache is much less and most of the time I don’t get it at all.

I feel so good! My body craves exercise now – I’m walking 10-15 km a day and biking!
I don’t have an ounce of pain in me anywhere!
I can’t praise homeopathy enough!
It has been almost 3 years (of homeopathy) and this journey I’m on, I get better and stronger; this is my time now!
(Patient with chronic back pain who was able to eliminate all medications and use only homeopathy. She has also completed homeopathic detox therapy which brought her to another level of health)

Barb has been my homeopath for several years – at one time I experienced a few months of extreme nausea, no appetite and very low energy due to kidney issues. Homeopathic treatment those resolved my symptoms and they are non-existent. Homeopathy has also resolved my hot flashes, flus and knee injury – ANY health issue I encounter these days, whether it be a sore throat to an injury – my first choice of treatment will always be homeopathy.

I discovered homeopathy after conventional medicine was unsuccessful to assist me with my fatigue and difficulties with celiac disease. I have been working with Ms Wallace since 2014. It is at this time I discovered homeopathy and the improvements it has made to my overall health. Ms Wallace was diligent and caring to find a solution to improve my energy levels and help with side effects I suffer with having celiac disease.
Ms Wallace’s care and compassion for my entire being is something I have never seen in healthcare prior to this experience, and is so refreshing. She treats her patients with respect, compassion and gentle guidance- all backed by a solid knowledge of Homeopathy. I can now say after receiving my constitutional remedy, my original ailments alleviated or eliminated completely; but I also have a new sense of being “tuned in” to what my body is telling me. Ms Wallace has worked tirelessly to support and improve my family’s health.

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